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Thursday, June 13, 2013

ABeCeDarian storybook series, level A

My learn-to-read books introduce letter sounds a few at a time. For example, book 1 only uses words with the consonants c, d, f, m, n, p, s, t and the short vowels a, i, o, along with some high frequency words with unusual spellings (the, to, of, off). Letter sounds are added as the series progresses.

Some books also contain questions such as "Did the cat sit on the map?" Students must decode the text accurately to answer the question. 

These storybooks follow the ABeCeDarian curriculum but can be used independently. Visit the ABeCeDarian website to learn more about the program or to download a free PDF of book 1 (scroll down to level A, Storybook 1).


–While she didn't remember to ask for the ABeCeDarian in general by name, [Rebeccah] welcomed it with a 'yey!' … That was a first for her and I was relieved that this program finally pushed her to cross the line to reading for pleasure. This was huge! ~ Live, Laugh, Learn!

–When you read the first storybook it contains all the words they have learned up to that point, so it really instills repetition, which definitely aids in the learning process and helps build confidence! I always appreciate that as our kids are often hesitant when they don’t feel confident, so having a story they can read offered a lot of encouragement for both of them! ~ Pea of Sweetness

–Level A teaches blending, sound segmenting, letter/sound correspondences, reading, and spelling. We have really enjoyed these books. The books are very simple and they have not overwhelmed him at all, which is a common issue that he has. There is no color and only very few pictures prompting the words and for that I am extremely thankful! Normally Zachary has distraction issues and will also try to guess at the pictures instead of trying to sound the word or sound out. This has been a huge help in our reading - who would of thought such a simply distinction would have made such a huge impact. ~ Arrowwood Zoo

–I was amazed when only 2 weeks into his reading adventure, Wyatt had read 2 of the storybooks. He loved reading them too. I have always joked that childbirth was easy for me, but potty training and teaching to read were my biggest dread! But here, with my youngest child, we were reading, and it was easy! I am so thankful we got to try this out. … The illustrations in the storybooks were simple, but engaging, and my son loved them. I found him laughing as he read. ~ Loving and Learning on the High Plains

– I loved that the illustration does not really have a relationship with the text, that way children will not be encouraged to guess when trying to decode. … I have found that if I just leave the books sitting out on the coffee table she will pick them up all on her own or read to her little brother. She also loves taking them on car rides. Gwyn also decided to color the pictures in the books giving them an extra special, personal touch. Kathy's Cluttered Mind

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