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Friday, November 19, 2010

Make a Thankful Box

Several years ago on Thanksgiving my daughter made a thankful box. Before dinner, each person wrote down what they were thankful for and put their thankful note in the box. Then, as we ate our dessert we opened the box and read all the thanks. It was a really wonderful experience!

For all ages; Download Printable PDF

You will need:
• a shoe box
• large sheets of paper (construction or white)
• scissors, knife
• scotch tape
• crayons or markers
• paper, cut into small squares
• a pencil

Making Your Box
Cover the exterior of the box with paper; tape into place. Cut a slit into the top of the box big enough to insert a small piece of paper. Use crayons or markers to draw pictures of the people, animals, places and things for which you are thankful!

Giving Thanks
On Thanksgiving or some other appropriate occasion, have everyone who is present write down one thing for which they are thankful and put their thankful note in the box. Then open the box and read all the thanks.

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