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Friday, June 4, 2010

Turtle Bank Craft

I've done this craft at parties, festivals, and in the classroom. Its inexpensive, easy to set up and always a huge hit.

Ages 2-7; Download Printable PDF

You will need:

6-inch paper or Styrofoam bowls 
Green construction paper or poster board 
Tissue paper, at least two shades of green 
White glue 
Paint brushes 
Googly eyes 
Turtle Banks
Adult Preparation:
Cut tissue paper into ~1 1/2 inch squares. Using the turtle body pattern, cut turtle bodies from green construction paper or poster board. Dilute glue with water in a bowls so it spreads easily.

Kid Construction: Paint glue onto the outside of a bowl. Cover with overlapping squares of tissue paper. Paint another layer of glue over the tissue paper (the glue dries clear and makes a nice, shiny surface). Staple the shell to the turtle body, and glue on googly eyes. When glue dries, an adult can cut a hole in the top of the shell to make it into a bank, if desired.

Did you know?

  • The turtle’s shell is fused to its backbone and ribcage.
  • Turtles do not have teeth, and use horny ridges on their jaws to chew food. 
  • The biggest turtle, the Leatherback sea turtle, can reach 8 feet in length and weigh nearly a ton!

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  1. Very cute idea! My kids would love this!

    Thanks for linking up!